Jul 05, 2011
The Amsterdam that Was
Deepchord - Amsterdam Remnant 1 [Soma]
Deepchord - Amsterdam Remnant 2 [Soma]

Judging from the title of his new EP, Rod Modell, better known as Deepchord, has obviously taken the imminent closure of Amsterdam’s cannabis coffee shops to tourists pretty badly. As if Hash Bar Remnants Pt. 1 wasn’t straightforward enough, tracks such as Amsterdam Remnant 1 chase off any lingering ambiguity. This is for those who like it long and deep made by a man who likes to relax.

Unambiguous as they may be, these titles are certainly apt. In addition to encapsulating the mindset of the artist responsible, Hash Bar Remnants does a fine job at describing the music that lies within. Similar to Liumin, Modell’s collaborative release with Echospace last year, the music here is drugged up and woozy. Spectral grooves, cloying fog, silvery, shimmering pads, all bathed in an inescapable static hiss that soothes and softens. Both Amsterdam Remnant 1 and 2 are perfect for the end of the night when all you are looking for is something velvet and hypnotic.

Any fans of the smokey ambience on these tracks should definitely listen to the accompanying full-length release, the similarly titled Hash Bar Loops. Modell made a name for himself producing dub techno to please the most discerning nocturnal connoisseurs. Come see what all the fuss is about.

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