Feb 13, 2013
The 10 Best Things About HOLY SHIP!!!
Boys Noize - What You Want (Original Mix) [Boysnoize]
Justin Martin - Ruff Stuff (Eats Everything's Reruff) [dirtybird]
Oliver - Control (Original Mix) [Fool's Gold]

Now that HARD has officially announced HOLY SHIP!!!, we would like to remind you not to miss the opportunity to book the vacation of a lifetime. This party on a cruise ship in the Bahamas is planned for its third year, and is said to have a bigger boat than both previous years. We’ve made a list based on a few actual experiences from the most recent voyage, so here it is: our Top Ten Reasons to go (back) on HOLY SHIP!!!

1. The Music
One thing all festival-goers have in common is that they wanna hear great music. This boat has something for every EDM fan, whether it’s acid house, deep house, disco, moombahton, trap, dubstep, drum & bass, or that weird stuff that no one wants to classify because, who cares, right?

2. Beach Party
There’s a beach party. Enough said.

3. Make New Friends
People from all around the world come together for a great vacation on this boat. You’ll probably meet someone unlike anybody you’ve ever met before. What you do from that point on is totally up to you.

4. Everybody Smells Nice
The whole appeal to a camping festival is that you can party all day and night while staying safe; no one’s driving anywhere. The downfall, however, is the lack of showers. You’re always a nice comfortable walk away from a shower and a bed on Holy Ship. And it takes that same amount of effort to get back out to the party.

5. Family Obligations
Anyone who’s already been on HOLY SHIP! is now part of the family. It sure would seem inappropriate to intentionally miss a family reunion, wouldn’t it?

6. Decisions, Decisions
From sundown to midnight, you can find everybody partying on the main deck. After midnight, however, you get several rooms to choose from, and each one has its own decor, its own bar, and its own music playing until the sun comes up. You may have to flip a coin.

7. Have Some Fun In The Sun
Besides all of the partying at night, the HARD team has ensured you will be entertained during the daytime as well. Aside from the usual Caribbean delights of enjoying the sunshine and the breeze simultaneously, everyone gets a chance to try mini-golf, yoga, or a scavenger hunt, and the DJs and the fans are all involved. You may even find yourself stumbling around downtown Nassau on a self-guided tour.

8. Meet The DJs
Everyone will have a chance to meet at least one of their favorite producers. Maybe you’ll try speaking in tongues with Brodinski. Or you can host an impromptu interview with Skream in the men’s room. Perhaps share a drink with Justin Martin as he scribbles a monkey onto a napkin. This might all happen in just the first night alone.

9. Nostalgia
At some point, you will hear a song that is being played just for you. The guys up on stage saw you down there in the crowd, and decided to play a track that only you would know. It’s not often that you get to experience a moment of clarity on a party boat while hearing the voice of a dead rockstar from the seventies.

10. It’s HARD
If you haven’t been to a HARD event, now would be a great time to start planning your next one. Pick up tickets for HOLY SHIP!!! starting March 5th.