Aug 06, 2011
Thank Me Later
Freddy Todd - Grip Platter [Simplify]
Freddy Todd - Thank You Later [Simplify]

LessThan3 favorite Freddy Todd is at it again! His last release, Neon Spectacle Operator, was a masterpiece of sorts in itself, and now the man is back with Painting in a Silent Eternity, a seventeen-track compilation of sound old and new. Todd has surely stepped his game up since his last release, and I’m hearing his name more and more among EDM enthusiasts. Be enthused!

I’m glad Freddy decided to include old tracks like Grip Platter on this release; I couldn’t find a good quality copy of it before, and it’s a blaptastic song with killer bass drops–reasons why I like Freddy Todd. As another little taste of what’s inside the release (besides the absurd cover art), check out Thank You Later. It’s Freddy’s classic sound taken to the next level, and I love it like I love Hustle Buster!

Thank me later,


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