Apr 02, 2013
Tessela’s Temptation
Tessela - Hackney Parrot (Original Mix) [Poly Kicks]
Tessela - Helter Skelter (Original Mix) [Poly Kicks]

Tracks like Hackney Parrot don’t come along too often, and when they do they quickly become the stuff of rave legend. The vocal sample screeches like the track’s namesake with an addiction to soulful house classics, against a backdrop of kicks that’ll cave in the chest cavity of those daring enough to get too close to some proper subs. Crisp claps and manic snares will whip any dancefloor into a frenzy, as Jackmaster and Loefah demonstrated when they spun this one back in the Boiler Room. Throw in a hypnotizing sub-bass snarl and you’ve got an early contender for track of the year.

The vinyl-only Helter Skelter is comparatively a more subdued affair, but it’s still a testament to Ed Russell’s percussive mastery. That thunderous kick is back with shakers that hit your ears like shards of glass, floor fodder for the discerning bass contingent. The whole release is as wild as they get, worthy of more than a few rinses and rewinds. What’s more is it all comes on the debut of Tessela’s Poly Kicks label. If Hackney Parrot is any indication, then Poly Kicks is going to cause quite a stir in the coming months.

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