Dec 02, 2015
Ten Walls Releases Track With Transgender Singer Alex Radford
Ten Walls feat. Alex Radford - Shining (Original Mix)

After his outrageous remarks towards the LGBT community back in June, Marijus Adomaitis, better known as Ten Walls (pictured), effectively sealed his own coffin in the music industry. Now, almost six months later, the producer is trying to make amends with his new track Shining, made with American transgender singer Alex Radford.

Shining is not the first track that Ten Walls has made with the American singer–Like A Child was made in 2012 under his Mario Basanov moniker when Alex Radford was known as Athena Radford. While the track does not carry the same Ten Walls impact as his powerhouse hit Walking With Elephants, the opening lyrics “new day, new beginning” definitely transcend a deeper meaning for Adomaitis.

“Together with Alex we made it and it is yours now.” He shares on his Facebook, “I would especially like to thank Lithuanian LGBT Community LGL for their support all this time. Therefore the premiere of Shining will take place in their official website.”

Cooperating with the LGL, and sharing the track on their website, is a testament to the LGBT community’s unfailing ability to forgive, and Adomaitis’ own personal growth as a human. It remains to be seen whether Shining will erase all of the negativity from his original homophobic remarks, but it is definitely a starting point for the Lithuanian producer to gain back the trust of his fans–LGBT and otherwise.

Head to LGL’s website to claim your free download of Shining here.

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