Sep 04, 2012
Temple Of Doomed
FuntCase - Dem Mans (Original Mix) [Circus]
FuntCase feat Genetix - Doomed (Original Mix) [Circus]
FuntCase feat Jakes - Invaderz (Original Mix) [Circus]

Hot on the heels of the much lauded Roksonix release, Circus Records opens their doors once again to let an ocean of bass spew forth in the form of FuntCase’s latest EP. The masked DJ has been hard at work in the studio producing dnb and other side-projects under his alias Haze, but it’s been quite some time since he’s released a track on the Circus label. Most dubstep fans have probably been wondering how long it would be until Funtcase followed up his massive banger So Vexed with another Circus bombshell. Well, the wait is over as FuntCase has just dropped a four-track EP with collaborators Jakes, Persist, and Genetix entitled Doomed.

Funtcase’s style is normally darker than his Circus brethren, and for Doomed it is no different. The track Dem Mans plays much like a heavy metal tune, with a chainsawing lead melody hacking away on the downbeats while cymbal crashes ring out incessantly. The next track is the title track Doomed featuring fellow producer Genetix, and showcases a scathing lead synth that’s been modulated into a bellowing motif. This track might be Funtcase’s darkest production to date, with copious amounts of low-end filth around every corner. Another vicious tune on the 4-track EP is called Invaderz, and it features co-production by English dubstepper Jakes. This track is filled with coarse, pulverizing mid-bass, a pitch-shifting lead synth, and a quaking bottom end–proving that the lowest frequencies are still popular territory for the masked man called FuntCase.

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