Mar 07, 2013
Teddy’s Philly Sound Is Disco
Teddy’s Philly Sound - Wanna Lover (Original Mix) [Tapes]
Teddy’s Philly Sound - Boogieman (Original Mix) [Tapes]

With the overwhelming amount of music available on Beatport, it’s very easy to get lost in the digital crypts of electronic music. But by spending a bit of time searching, one can uncover some amazing tracks that may not necessarily have the flashing lights of a front page banner. After that preface, let me introduce you to a prime example of this with Teddy’s Philly Sound’s new EP on Tapes Records. A house blend of sexy disco sounds and soothing vocals are just what the doctor ordered to start your weekend off on the right foot.

Wanna Lover samples the song I Just Want A Lover by Will Young and brings it up to speed for the house crowd. Deep sub-bass and the original vocals chopped into perfect glitch pieces are the highlight of this track. Boogieman really lays the disco vibe on thick with horns and vocals that sing the track’s title. For those who are looking for a session of disco bliss, you can download Wanna Lover for free on SoundCloud or support these lads by picking up their EP on Beatport.

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