Sep 03, 2011
Techy Intensity
Tigran Oganezov - Day & Night (Original Mix) [Freefall]
Tigran Oganezov - Ziggurat (Original Mix)
Tigran Oganezov - Raptor (Original Mix) [High Contrast]

Hailing from Western Ukraine, 27 year-old Tigran Oganezov is showing off his creative muscle this year with his Day & Night EP. Released on rising trance label Freefall, the driving title tune, and the EP as a whole, make me wish more producers could deliver breakdowns this epic.

Well influenced by Eastern Europe’s tech trance, Tigran’s Ziggurat is very fresh to my Western accustomed ears. Introducing a glitchy bassline unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, this tune is an example of his pronounced experimentation. Named after ancient Babylonian temples, this unholy creation is swarming with dark energy. Continuing to compose eerie sounds and chaotic basslines, Tigran’s tune Raptor rolls up and down at a jagged pace. It’s this very kind of drilling tech trance that is garnering quite a bit of appreciation these days.

Recently Tigran was noticed by the unpredictable Marcel Woods, who included his dark progressive house tune Sexciter (see YouTube video below) on his new mix compilation Musical Madness 3. Strolling down crazy lane, this tune’s climax is absolutely nuts.

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