Jul 15, 2015
The Technodrome 14
Philipp Kempnich - Cyan (Original Mix) [Crossfrontier]
Pan-Pot - 808 Nirvana (Original Mix) [Second State]
Dusky - Parakeet Feet (Original Mix) [Polydor]
Denis Horvat - Strange Nation (SHOW-B Remix) [Upon You]
Mario Aureo & Spieltape feat. LazarusMan - Keep Pushin (Lehar Remix) [Mood Music]

Welcome back to The Technodrome, our weekly series showcasing the best in underground dance music. This week’s edition features new techno music from Pan-Pot, Dusky, Task-B, and more. Forget about the weekend–your party starts now.

Philipp Kempnich – Cyan (Original Mix) [Crossfrontier]
Berlin’s Philipp Kempnich makes his debut on Crossfrontier in a big way the Cypher/Saphir EP, and the A-side will leave you hungering and aching for the late-night vibes to never end. The bassline is heavy, and the synths are definitely sharp, but lying beneath it all are percolating percussion and a highly immersive and emotive grove. The buildup at the five-minute mark is a slice of audial heaven. Pick it up on Beatport here.

Pan-Pot – 808 Nirvana (Original Mix) [Second State]
Tassilo Ippenberger and Thomas Benedix, aka Pan-Pot, recently announced that their sophomore album, The Other, will be released Sept. 25. It’s been eight years since they unleashed their debut LP, Pan-O-Rama, so expectations are understandably high. In the meantime, the duo is prepping for the album with the release of two, two-track EPs. The first, The Other One, features the album track 808 Nirvana, which is described by the group as “the epitome of the Pan-Pot sound: Big room, serious, dramatic techno.” I It’s a fast-paced blast chockablock full of stabbing synths, extraterrestrial rises, and rump-shaking percussion. Pick it up June 17.

Dusky – Parakeet Feet (Original Mix) [Polydor]
While UK duo Dusky is perhaps best know for their chunky tech house cuts, their newest single Parakeet Feet, off their upcoming four-track Ordinary World EP, takes things in a decidedly harder-hitting direction. Featuring rolling arpeggios, hypnotizing “talk to me” vocals, and a melodic breakdown, Parakeet Feet is an uplifting and energetic piece of brilliance. Pre-order the EP ahead of its July 31 release date on iTunes here.

Denis Horvat – Strange Nation (SHOW-B Remix) [Upon You]
Munich’s SHOW-B transforms Denis Horvat’s new single into a gritty, grimy, no-holds-barred monster. The warped subs, intense groove, and ensnaring melody have me reminiscing about Detroit afterparty spots. This one has peak-time written all over it. Pick it up on Beatport here.

Mario Aureo & Spieltape feat. LazarusMan – Keep Pushin (Lehar Remix) [Mood Music]
I recently discovered Venice-based producer Lehar, and he’s quickly become one of my favorite electronic artists in the game. He somehow manages to construct tracks that are both melancholic and uplifting at the same time, and this deep, driving remix is an excellent example. Pick up the track on Beatport here, and make sure to listen to his weekly podcast with fellow Connaisseur label-mates Musumeci and Olderic here.