Jun 03, 2015
The Technodrome 08: Curated By Human Movement
Oliver Huntemann - Schatten (Original Mix) [Ideal Audio]
Green Velvet - Destination Unknown (Carl Craig's C2 Detroit - Chicago Unity Dub) [Relief]
A. Balter - You’re A Fish (Original Mix) [Digital Structures]
WHYT NOYZ - Shift (Original Mix) [SCI+TEC]
Julian Jeweil - Rumble (Original Mix) [Minus]

This week’s edition of The Technodrome is a special one. For the first time in its short history, we have a special guest presenter: Australia’s Human Movement. You may not have heard of the up-and-coming duo, but Blake Gilray and Edward Macdonald have made waves in all the right places with their 2014 bomb, the aptly named Shake, not to mention a mind-melting mix for Skrillex’ Nest. Now, they bring us their favorite new techno music, including cuts from Carl Craig, Julian Jeweil, and more. They also gave us some words as to why they picked the tracks they did. You ready to take the red pill and see how far the rabbit hole goes?

Oliver Huntemann – Schatten (Original Mix) [Ideal Audio]
This song may have been what made us move more towards techno rather than house music. The bassline, which is almost like a psychedelic-sounding bass guitar, sits so nicely over the progression. The final build-up is what really sold it for us though–the whole idea of “less is more” coming into place by stripping most of the elements away, and bringing all back together in the final drop. Amazing track.

Green Velvet – Destination Unknown (Carl Craig’s C2 Detroit-Chicago Unity Dub) [Relief]
This may be the best remix we’ve heard so far; it’s such a simple idea but done so well. Who would’ve thought a laser-sounding synth hitting on a snare would sound so good? This track leaves you with goosebumps (the good kind).

A. Balter – You’re A Fish (Original Mix) [Digital Structures]
We were a bit hesitant to give this one out at first. This track is our hidden gem that no one really knows, it seems like–except for the DJ we got it off playing after us at the club that night (thanks, legend). Like the Carl Craig remix of Destination Unknown, this song has you holding out until the final drop, with chords constantly teasing yet still enticing you throughout the track. When it all come together at the end, it’s definitely worth it.

WHYT NOYZ – Shift (Original Mix) [SCI+TEC]
First time hearing this track out everyone in the club had the same idea. I remember seeing about 30 people around me pull out their phone and Shazam this track, and with good reason, too. Everything in this track works–from the rolling sub and a quirky melody almost going up and down the harmonic minor scale that’s found in a lot of Middle Eastern music. We’re always finding ourselves playing this one out.

Julian Jeweil – Rumble (Original Mix) [Minus]
Rumble is definitely an appropriate name for this track. A real donker that keeps you grooving throughout it. With an awesome rolling bassline driving the song and interesting percussion coming in and out of the track, you become almost mesmerized by the song and don’t really want the track to finish.


Check out more from Human Movement below.