May 23, 2015
The Technodrome 06
Matador - DaHustle (Original Mix) [Minus]
Joris Voorn - The Monk (Kölsch Remix) [Green]
Sian - Micropore (Original Mix) [Octopus]
Signs - Howling (Rodhad Remix) [Monkeytown]
Ten Walls - Blue Orphan (Original Mix) [BOSO]

By the time you read this, I will be knee-deep in the sweet, Saturday sounds of Movement Detroit. With 140 performances across six stages, you’d think I had died and gone to underground dance music heaven. To celebrate, for this week’s edition of The Technodrome, I’ve selected new techno music from a few of my favorite artists performing at MEMF, including Matador, Kolsch, Sian, and more.

Matador – DaHustle (Original Mix) [Minus]
If you’re looking for some banging minimal techno, you need to check out Minus’ Matador, who will be performing a live show on the underground stage from 7:00-8:30 p.m. on Monday. Pick up DaHustle on Beatport here.

Joris Voorn – The Monk (Kolsch Remix) [Green]
Two performers at Movement cross paths here, as Kolsch delivers a truly triumphant remix of Joris Voorn’s The Monk, off Voorn’s acclaimed 2014 album, Nobody Knows. Majestic and upbeat, this remix–and his equally fantastic rework of Eric Prydz’ Generate–should be enough to tide you over until the release of his sophomore album, 1983, in a few weeks. Pick up The Monk on Beatport here.

Sian – Micropore (Original Mix) [Octopus]
The head of Octopus is back with the massive three-track End Of The Beginning EP. The closing track, Micropore, is pounding, pulsing, and perfect for the Hart Plaza air. Pick it up on Beatport here.

Signs – Howling (Rodhad Remix) [Monkeytown]
Berghain resident and Dystopian label boss Rodhah delivers a deep, brooding, and enrapturing remix of Signs’ popular original. Take a trip down the rabbit hole with Rodhad at the Underground Stage on Sunday, and pick up the track on Beatport here.

Ten Walls – Blue Orphan (Original Mix) [BOSO]
The B-side to Sparta, Ten Walls’ Blue Orphan is yet another deep and atmospheric journey through mesmerizing chord progression and world-class sound design. Personally, I can’t get enough of his music, and neither should you. Pick it up on Beatport here.