Jun 29, 2012
Techno Vertigo
Cosmin TRG - Vertigo (Original Mix) [50 Weapons]
Cosmin TRG - Sommer (Original Mix) [50 Weapons]

After debuting on Hessle and spending the majority of the last five years bouncing from label to label, it seems dance music’s foremost Romanian Cosmin TRG has finally found a home on German off-piste powerhouse 50 Weapons. Cosmin released his LP Simulat on the imprint last year along with two other well received 12″s, and now he finally drops his first wax of 2012 housing Vertigo and Sommer, two slices of elegant techno fresh from a revamped and upgraded studio.

Vertigo is gorgeous, dynamic percussion underpinning lengthy snare fills, delicate chimes and beautiful melodic pads. Sommer cuts the fat, removing the fog and haze of Vertigo and replacing it with tightness and precision, kicks, toms and snares layered exquisitely while a simple three-chord pattern gives the track all the musicality it needs. The gains made possible by the new studio are apparent throughout, with Cosmin’s drum programming never having sounded quite so deep and crisp.

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