Oct 21, 2015
Join Techno Titans Tale Of Us On A Trip Through Their ‘Silent Space’
Tale Of Us - Silent Space (Original Mix) [R&S]

Hot on the heels of Atlas, their explosive collaboration with fellow Italian techno wizards Mind Against, Tale Of Us reveals the first song off their upcoming two-track North Star/Silent Space EP, their first release on Belgian label R&S Records.

Don’t let the name fool you–Silent Space is far from quiet. Opening with dark, primal drums and a series of eerie, otherworldly bleeps and bloops, the track weaves down a twisting staircase and into the lair of an eldritch abomination. Its snarling, snapping melodies will leave you with this face… but in a good way.

Pre-order North Star/Silent Space ahead of its Nov. 6 release date here.

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