Jul 12, 2013
Technimatic Takes Control
Technimatic - The Evening Loop (Original Mix) [SGN:LTD]
Technimatic - Frozen Leaves (Original Mix) [SGN:LTD]
Technimatic - Intersection (Original Mix) [SGN:LTD]

For those of you looking for a velvety smooth excursion into percussion and bass, Technimatic has brought you an EP to satiate that desire. Formerly collaborating under their own respective artist names Technicolour & Komatic, the duo sealed the deal in 2012 and formed Technimatic. Their sound has drawn the attention of some of the biggest artists and labels in drum and bass, and even producers of other genres. Making a home in the liquid realm of drum and bass, their flawless percussion and deep basslines set them far apart from many acts in the scene today.

The Evening Loop highlights a thick female vocal line with piano accompaniment. With an introduction to build energy, the drop sweeps you away to the ceiling with gyrating snares and bass. Frozen Leaves showcases a much more wobbly bassline that you can close your eyes and move to. The title track, Intersection, has a very gritty and powerful low-end section with a vocal line shouting in key throughout. Sphere tones down the power and allows the duo to show off a bit of finesse with scattered arpeggios and enough control to let every element breathe. This is a must-have EP that you can pick up on Beatport today.

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