Feb 02, 2012
Tech vs Electro
Gabriel & Dresden vs Francis Preve - Servo vs Colossus (Original Mix) [Academik]

When the newly reunited Gabriel & Dresden team up with Austin EDM stalwart Francis Prève, whose remix of Hot As Hades garnered a spot on our Top 15 Progressive Tracks of 2011, avant-garde sounds that still manage to stay relatable are bound to ensue. What we didn’t expect was a Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robot battle of synths where all fighting sounds succeed. This, my friends, is Servo vs Colossus.

We recently spoke with Dave Dresden and Francis about the making of “Servo vs Colossus”, a full-on Gabriel & Dresden reinvention of two unreleased Prève originals. Far more than a simple mashup or remix, G&D took Prève’s leads and–through the magic of Josh Gabriel’s master programming skills–transformed the parts into something entirely new. “When we were putting together our Mixed for Feet compilation for Armada, Francis sent us a couple of his tracks for consideration. We loved both of them, but there was only room for one track, so we asked Francis to send us the parts so we could tinker with them. After the first day of messing around with the sounds, we realized we had something way greater than the sum of its parts,” explained Dave. “The original version was much shorter, but the response to it at our shows was so strong, we decided to do a full length version for Francis’s new label, Academik.”

When asked about the production of the synth parts for Servo vs Colossus, Prève went into some detail about his creative process. “The Servo part of the track was done using a sound I created for the Moog Slim Phatty, and the Colossus part is pure Moog Voyager. Both patches are based on square waves, so they compliment each other nicely,” Prève explained. “The sliding part of the Servo lead was done by hand editing pitch-bend information, whereas the sweeps in the Colossus part were done with automated envelopes and portamento.” For you non-techies out there, that simply translates into a heaping plate of quirky synths, addictive rhythms, and a track that puts just a bit of a smirk on your face when you hear it.

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