Sep 02, 2011
Tech in the House
Stefano Noferini - F*cking House Musik (Original Club Mix) [Toolroom]
John Acquaviva & Alex D'Elia & Nihil Young feat Dan Diamond - Good Music (Original Mix) [Definitive]
Oliver $ - Doin' Ya Thang (Original Mix) [Play It Down]

Nothing wields more bounce than tech house. Similar to the attitudes of devoted drum’n’bass fanatics, tech house heads love their beats with every fiber of their being. There have also been a slew of great tech house tracks released recently, so you tech-heads certainly have something to be excited for.

First up, we have the not-so-subtly titledF*cking House Musik by Stefano Noferini. Holding nothing back, the Italian’s message in this track couldn’t be more blatant. Next up is Good Music, produced by John Acquaviva, Alex D’Elia, and Nihil Young. This unapologetic heater features Dan Diamond commenting on how all we really need is a “Kickdrum, a bassline, and a high hat.” Maybe the only EDM genre capable of getting away with passionate speeches inside tracks, Oliver $ aka Oliver Siebert produced a simple yet effective tune called Doin’ Ya Thang. Supported by a hilarious recording of Kenny Dixon, Jr. jammin’ at some random party, this summer groove captures the soul of house music.

Speaking of speeches and the soul of house, my final gift to you is the YouTube video below–an older tech track by Noir, remixed by Peter Gelderblom, called It’s All About House Music. The words within express the feelings of a true tech-head–listen and be enlightened.

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