Jun 18, 2015
Tanner Ross Directs Homophobic Rant At RA Editor

Wolf + Lamb’s Tanner Ross (pictured) recently went on a homophobic rant on Twitter, calling out Resident Advisor’s North American Editor Andrew Ryce for his unsavory review of Jamie xx’s album In Colour.

Ross’ outburst comes just weeks after Lithiuan producer Ten Walls’ own homophobic rampage that cost the producer his remaining festival bookings–not to mention respect and credibility among his fans. Unlike Ten Walls’ comments that target the entire LGBTQ community, Ross aimed his messages solely at Ryce, though he uses highly offensive homophobic terminology to voice his anger.

All in relation to his disagreement of Ryce’s Jamie xx album review, one message reads, “I was doing my dissertation at Fabric with Craig Richards before you came in someone’s ass.”

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ross rant

The Wolf + Lamb producer has since been dropped from Crew Love Barcelona where he was scheduled to play alongside Soul Clap, Pillow Talk, No Regular Play, and others.

Ross has since issued an apology to Ryce via his Facebook:

“Anyone who knows me knows I have a creepy sense of humor. I apologize to those who have been offended but I have always supported the gay community and always will with all of my heart. Attacking someone verbally is absolutely wrong but I was not coming from a homophobic point of view. There really isn’t enough words that can express how sorry I am. I truly am sorry.”

The tweets have been deleted, but you can view a screenshot taken by Andrew Ryce above and at the editor’s Twitter here.

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