Apr 15, 2013
Tale Of Us Bring Us To Another Earth
Tale of Us - Another Earth (Original Mix) [Minus]
Tale of Us - Discochord (Original Mix) [Minus]
Tale of Us - Lost City (Original Mix) [Minus]

After much anticipation, Berlin-based duo Tale of Us have released their newest masterpiece, the Another Earth EP on Richie Hawtin’s Min_s Records. Known for their deeply moving, psychedelic space-funk sound, each record tells a new tale.

Another Earth and Discochord venture into futuristic techno, while Lost City tells a resonant story of mystery and discovery. Said to be one of the stand out tracks of this year’s Miami Music Week, Another Earth’s outer-space symphony progresses through a series of distorted bass synths and the main piano D♯maj chord, each sequence more galactic than the last. A menacing organ, concise drum kick, and bevy of instrumental effects will make your temporal lobe pulsate. Discochord is darker and more tech sounding than earlier Tale of Us work; the deep bassline carries a series of drums and instrumental synth snippets, highlighting the A♯maj guitar chord on this terrestrial tune.

A gravitational shift takes place with Lost City, its deep bassline accompanied by oscillating guitar chords and a heavy kick. This track takes listeners on a journey of mystery, discovering new cosmic chords around every corner. All three tracks, very different in construction, magnetize to each other for another solid work by Italian duo Tale of Us. Pick up this EP now on Beatport and M_nus Records.

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