Jul 30, 2010
Taking You Out
AC Slater - Take You (Drop The Lime Remix) [Trouble & Bass]

This little number is the work of two very talented NYC-based producers, whose similar but distinct styles seem to complement each other at times like these. Aaron Clevenger, better known to the world as AC Slater, has graced the dance music world for over ten years with his driving, funky electro breakdowns, pounding out stellar remixes of tracks like Show Me Love.

Drop The Lime, on the other hand, runs the very label that AC Slater lives on, Trouble & Bass. He’s a musical powerhouse in his own right, not only putting out impressive remixes and originals, but also taking anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in front of his decks to hell and back. Drop the Lime is seriously no joke live; his musicianship shines through his performance as he juggles and drops beats in ways you can’t even think of.

Take You is an original by AC Slater. Built around a hip-hop vocal track, the song slowly crescendos into its breakdowns with butter-smooth layering. Amidst dissonant piano chords and spliced house vocals, we hear a bona fide Drop the Lime drop: wacky, outrageous, but never tacky. See if you can identify some of those sounds in there.

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