Jan 18, 2011
Taking Off
Studio Apartment feat Monique Bingham - Flight (Franky Rizardo Remix) [New World Japan]

The dance scene is full of youngsters producing hot new beats these days, but what’s rare is when you come across one who is able to pair that young energy with years of experience already under the belt. That’s the case for Dutch producer Franky Rizardo, a name you might recognize from collaborations with both Hardwell and Bart B More.

Franky Rizardo has spent years proving himself as a minimal and tech house wonder, but I’ve never seen his sound more confined and pristine than on his most recent release, a remix of Studio Apartment’s sultry lyrical track, Flight, with vocals from Monique Bingham. This one not only proves the production quality of Rizardo, but also takes the dance aspect of Dutch tech house to the next level. Play this one loud, and pretend move it like Shakira. It’s tracks like these that encourage sweat on the dancefloor.

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