Oct 04, 2010
Take It To The Maximum
Klauss Goulart - Maximum (Original Mix) [Premier]

Before Ferry Corsten’s newest compilation Once Upon A Night Vol. 2 released (review and interview with Ferry coming soon!), the people over at Flashover were kind enough to send us a mini-sampler of the album, and out of everything I heard, one track stood out as conspicuously exceptional–Maximum by Brazilian newcomer Klauss Goulart. I’m pretty sure that name isn’t Brazilian-sounding, but anyhoo…

Klauss Goulart didn’t even begin producing until 2008 and his first release wasn’t until 2009, but since Armada was the one to pick him up, it appears as though this man is on the fast track to success. The sounds of Maximum run the gamut from Steve Aoki-style electro effects to more techy synths. I’m not normally one to give you a play-by-play of the track, but this track has so many key elements to it that make it what it is that I feel it is necessary. The record starts out with a fantastic choral build that accents itself at 1:09 into a spectacular melodic progression that lets you know you’re about to be in for a wild ride. Then, the Aoki synth gets chopped and screwed starting at 1:17 straight into the first drop at 1:39. The second drop comes in at 3:30 with some amazing grinding sounds normally not heard outside of electro house. Finally, when you don’t think he can pull any more tricks out of his hat, the third drop features the original melodic pattern that started at 1:09 with a percolating bassline and an upper techy synth added. This track has literally something for everyone in it.

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