Sep 03, 2010
Take It To 'Em
Tyler Michaud vs Mat Zo - We're Not Going To Take This Anymore (Original Mix) [New School]

Tyler Michaud and Mat Zo seem to be a one-two punch to the brain lately. Foo Boi shared Stubby with us a few weeks ago, and we’ve been playing that track in our sets constantly. We also reviewed Tyler Michaud’s trance rehash of First Night, which definitely deserves your ears if you haven’t lent a listen.

A few days ago, Tyler sent over another excellent track which we have the esteemed pleasure of sharing with you. You know you’re in for something special within the first thirty seconds of this song. Such a sick beat with influences from all over, all combined beautifully into the kind of sweet vibe that is right for just about any occasion. We’re Not Going To Take This Anymore definitely differentiates itself with a sweet old-school narrative that fits quite well over the chilled out beat. We get about three and a half minutes of that before the breakdown, which is extremely well-done–gradual and paced just right to get you moving without your control. Together, Mat Zo and Tyler Michaud are able to perfectly control the energy in the track, as displayed during the move toward the drop, which is easily one of the freshest buildups I’ve heard in a long time. Following this is one colossal drop–listening to this track yesterday, three people in the room immediately turned to me and asked “Ok, what is the name of this track” at that moment.

That kind of reaction warrants your listen. Hit me back with thoughts people!

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