Aug 14, 2011
Take a Risk
Ali Love - Diminishing Returns (Alvin Risk Remix) [Dim Mak]
Alvin Risk & Tittsworth - Pendejas (Original Mix) [Plant]
Alvin Risk & Bulletproof - One (Original Mix)

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Alvin Risk. Alvin likes to make beats, and has been absolutely killing it across genres with a style of production that varies from the complex drops of Skrillex-like dubstep to big room, dirty moombahton. I’m not sure where this guy came from, but he’s already got a bag full of fantastic productions for someone who is still underground.

The first track that really caught my attention was his remix of Ali Love’s Diminishing Returns. The catchy melody of the original gets reworked with those glitchy “brostep” breakdowns and riffs, creating a massive energy. I really enjoyed the 8-bit synth in this remix–it gave it a nice touch of swag. If you’re a fan of moombahton, then you’ll love Alvin’s collab with DC producer Tittsworth. Pandejas is just about as sexual as they come, and equally as crazy (see video below). The moombahton beat with screeching electro synths really hit hard in the drops. Finally, as I said before, Alvin Risk dabbles in many genres, including drum’n’bass, hence his collaboration with Bulletproof on One. Expect to hear hard sampling with occasional bright melodies fit nicely into atmospheric dnb. So there you have it, three totally different songs from the same producer. If Alvin Risk is the future, then we definitely have a lot to be looking forward to.

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