Nov 28, 2011
Tainted Documents
Document One - Rising Higher (Original Mix) [Buygore]
Document One - Locked In (Original Mix) [Buygore]
Document One - Tears (Original Mix) [Buygore]

British dubstep duo Document One has a lot to live up to, considering their origins. The Bristol-based bass group has remixed Borgore and more recently Modestep, and now they’re back with another EP after the Breakdown EP gave us all nervous breakdowns back in June. How does Document One set themselves apart from the legions of talented wobblers seeking fame and fortune in today’s dance world? Talent, polish, and no shortage of swag. Proof positive of that is the Tainted Dub EP, out now on Borgore’s Buygore label.

Rising Higher is all about that electric guitar leading the charge through bass-heavy territory, a union of melody and bass that’s tried and true. Document One is at the top of this particular game, shifting between the grinding grime and stop-start vocals with ease. Locked In works those vocals into another heavy track, a feat much easier said than done. The introduction rides a bit of breakbeat before dropping into full-on step destruction. Final track Tears, however, cuts straight to the chase with the heaviest chops of them all, but not without that attention to melodic detail like everything else they make–check out their Borgore remix for a great example.

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