Jan 07, 2012
Tag Team, Back Again
Dub Phizix & Skeptical feat Strategy - Marka (Original Mix) [Exit]
Dub Phizix & Skeptical - Rags (Original Mix) [Exit]

Dub Phizix. Skeptical. Strategy. Three big names and one huge track. The newest release from the drum’n’bass man-of-the-hour Dub Phizix and his partner in crime Skeptical is a dark, half-time d’n’b inferno entitled Marka. The tune features the lyrical talents of Broke’n’English’s Strategy, a man known for his sizzling, ragga-inspired vocals. Flip to the B-side for the second offering on this EP–a minimalistic song called Rags.

Ex-Bad Company member dBridge has really signed some great tunes for his label imprint Exit Records throughout the year, and the Marka EP is no exception. The title track has been getting proper spins from the who’s who of d’n’b DJ’s, including Friction and Breakage. The tune is built around Strategy’s piercing vocals, pushing their way to front of the mix. The metal clang from the rim shot snare drum is like a karate chop right between the eyes, delivering a perfect accent to the warped kick drum. Skeptical and Dub Phizix provide a suitable, throbbing bassline that stands clear of Strategy’s intricate flow, allowing the listener full access to the double-time lyrics. B-side tune Rags, in the same vein as Marka, demonstrates this production duo’s skill at crafting minimal smashers. The song has a pulsing, organic feel to it, similar to breathing. The lead synth has been expanded into a wide stereo field, enveloping the listener while tapping a rhythm that complements the drums in a deliberate manner.

Marka has an official video (see below) that is wicked in and of itself. For those familiar with Broke’n’English’s Strategy, he dons a full American Indian disguise: feathers, face paint, and a facial scowl. The video is incredibly creative, yet minimalistic in a way that’s similar to the tune itself. The whole EP is a brilliant, outside-of-box product that is typical work of the two atypical producers. Dub Phizix and Skeptical have given their fans another banger!

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