May 06, 2011
System Down? System Upp!
Uppermost - System32 (Club Mix) [Uppwind]
Uppermost - System32 (Original Mix) [Uppwind]

If there’s one artist to be following on a per-release basis right now, my vote goes for label owner and musical visionary Uppermost. Although his roots are in electro house, this young talent has been more successful than anyone would’ve expected in expanding his sound to other genres (if you don’t believe me checkout his recent episode of the Heartbeat). Now that he heads his own label, Uppwind Records, it seems that Uppermost is free to release tracks of whatever genre he feels. Genre doesn’t seem to matter all too much though, as just about every release from the label can be found climbing the charts at one point or another.

As mentioned, Uppermost made a name for himself in the industry through electro house, so no matter how much he strays to the darkest subgenres of dance music, it seems rational that he’ll always come back to where he got started every so often. His newest release, System32, is not only a return to electro after a short hiatus to drum’n’bass, but a damned big one. The club mix is just that–a big-room electro track ready to ignite a good time. The muffled out vocals over the track’s incredible lead riff make a strong argument for this one being a chart topper. System32’s original mix is grittier, more bass-driven, and oh so technically intricate. Honestly, either version of this song will simply annihilate, so choose your weapon.

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