Aug 11, 2011
Knowa Knowone - The Quari [Muti]
Knowa Knowone - The Quari (Quade Remix) [Muti]
Knowa Knowone - Ra (The Sun) [Muti]

Knowa Knowone is one glitch hop artist whose name is somewhat of a misnomer; this is a name you should know. I guess he was going for Nobody like Ulysses in The Odyssey, because he kills it. He’s been around the scene so long, you might call him one of the seed-sowers of glitch hop. He got his start back in the genre’s initial heyday and has been putting out badass breakbeat releases ever since.

My favorite track off of Knowa Knowone’s new release Sound Paintings has to be Ra (The Sun). An instant classic, this track has apparently been in the works for years, and has been until now unreleased. Its string-heavy intro gives way to glitchy synths and heavy bass overlaid with sick hip hop samples, making for a sound that is not only novel, but true to form. Another track to check out is the minimal original mix and slightly darker Quade remix of The Quari. Like most of the music we deliver you, the whole release is excellent, and you can pick it up on Addictech.

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