Oct 06, 2011
Rustie - Glass Swords [Warp]
Rustie - Crystal Echo [Warp]

I’m really diggin’ the retro vibe lately; ’80s-esque synths, like they traveled forward in time to prove a point; wild melodies, like they’re from no place but outer space. Luckily, my prayers continue to be answered

Returning from relative obscurity, Glasgow’s Rustie has returned on Warp Records, and he’s bringing the noise–no, it’s more harmonious than noise–but he’s bringing the music, and you know it’s good if I’m telling you about it. If I had to describe Rustie’s sound, I’d paint it as an orchestra of shooting stars playing a colossal cosmic synthesizer. Glass Swords is a beautiful album, the ultimate culmination of years of production experience and a next-level sound. You’ll listen to the eponymous opening track, and you’ll know what you’re in for. It won’t be enough though; that’s why you’ll have to listen to Crystal Echo, which, if you’re not a pro beathead audiophile, may even be too much. Listen with discerning ears, my fellow dancers.

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