Aug 12, 2010
Swim With the Dolphins
Dolphin Boy - Don't Stop (Andreas Saag His Dolphin Deep Perspective) [Rebirth]

As you might have guessed, chilled-out house tracks are put out constantly. From a production standpoint, assembling some of these tracks is a pretty straightforward, formulaic process. So given the nature of these tracks, how do you know what’s good? There is an inherent conundrum here–sometimes we convince ourselves that more detailed or more complex means better quality, but hell-we’re talking about minimal and deep house here. They have those names for a reason. So how can we really make judgments?

I propose to you that a good track is one which not only is chill, but one which is able to calmly draw you into it’s groovy, happy world with little effort. These songs should serve as musical muscle relaxants.

In his remix of Don’t Stop by Dolphin Boy, Andreas Saag issues a call to the seas. He invites us to join him at his underwater DJ booth where dolphins and other sea creatures get down to his aquatic crowd pleasers. His invitation to join the party comes with a beautiful vocal track, which is simple yet powerful enough to make you forget all your worries. It’s almost as if her saying ‘don’t stop loving me’ actually is referring to the song itself–and let me tell you: I’ll gladly follow that instruction without hesitation.

As I learned from Room With a View, Andreas Saag aka Swell Session is considered to be one of Scandinavia’s top producers in the house and club jazz scene. This young man’s musical mission is to blend all genres of house, techno, jazz, soul, and club music. His dynamism ranges from soulful techno to house remix of big band tunes to straight-up jazz ballads, and a bunch of other gems in between. Straight from the man himself, Andreas explains: “I want music to have a purpose other than just being a track, whether it’s a love song with lyrics that makes you want to cry or just a mad, danceable track that makes people smile in a club.” Sounds like a chill dude. Hmm, how fitting. Enjoy!

Photo credit goes to bucketYeast. Sweet trippy visual!

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