Sep 23, 2014
Chill Out And ‘Sway’ With The Chainsmokers’ New Remix
Anna Of The North - Sway (The Chainsmokers Remix)

The Chainsmokers may have gained international recognition for main stage hits like #SELFIE and Kanye, but people seem to forget that the multitalented duo has a soft side too. As a case in point, consider their newest release, an intimate and intoxicating remix of Norwegian dream pop artist Anna of the North‘s Sway.

Anna’s vocals were already incredible on their own, but coupled together with the mellow and mesmerizing sounds of this remix, they are nothing short of audial bliss. Mixing together progressive house, indie house, and a dash of future bass, the duo creates a remix with a breezy, refreshing dose of warm, summertime vibes. Say what you want about their breakout success, but it’s hard to argue against beautiful productions like this.

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