Apr 05, 2012
Surkin's Summer Smash
Surkin feat Ann Saunderson - Lose Yourself (Brodinski Remix) [Marble]
Surkin feat Ann Saunderson - Lose Yourself (Radio Mix) [Marble]
Surkin feat Ann Saunderson - Lose Yourself (Rustie Remix) [Marble]

As the days become longer and longer, the cold months of winter are becoming smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror. EDM fans will soon be sweating from the suffocating heat as they pack events during the scene’s busiest season. With summer comes the tunes that epitomize the electricity in the air during this great time of rooftop parties, outdoor festivals, and beach raves. The first tracks likely to be the next summertime smashes have just arrived–the highly infectious remixes of Surkin’s Lose Yourself by Rustie and Brodinski out on the Marble imprint. The original tune, featuring the lovely vocals of Ann Saunderson, was originally released back in November as a part of Surkin’s highly successful USA LP. Now, Rustie and Brodinski have each injected the tune with their own unique production styles, which may have inconceivably elevated the original–a feat nigh impossible!

Glasgow producer Rustie has remixed Lose Yourself into a more dark, foreboding tune with a sustained bassline that’s filled with gritty mid-range frequencies. He has also added a few additional melodies to the track to accent his sinister bassline, and a new chord progression that slides in just underneath the rumbling bass. The Brodinski remix is a minimalistic techno edit that has a lead synth that pops and bounces, with resonances that sparkle in a wide panorama. The bass stabs employed by the Frenchman are reminiscent of the old Roland TR series from the early days of electronic music. The ’80s flavor is palpable in all three versions of the tune–a commonality that makes them all inviting.

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