May 31, 2014
Super8 & Tab And Jaytech Launch A ‘Code Red’
Super8 & Tab vs. Jaytech - Code Red (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]

Super8 & Tab and Jaytech are all veterans of Anjunabeats, but despite being part of the label for over a decade, Code Red represents the first time the trio have collaborated together. It’s been a long time coming, but the result is certainly worth the wait.

It’s fair to say that both parties have their own unique sound, instantly recognizable to more seasoned fans, but what comes as a surprise is how well the two sounds work together. Jaytech’s techy, driving style is evident in the backbone of the track, with gritty bass and little synth bloops, while Super& & Tab have a clear hand in the big uplifting riffs and huge pads. Yet despite the obvious influences from both sides, there’s a very smooth blending of talents at play here and it’s clear these guys were keen to create something unique and different, drawing on each other rather than just creating a cliché “vs.” track.

Code Red is out now as a Beatport Exclusive.