Oct 22, 2011
Super Sub Sonic
MartyParty - Pacman
MartyParty - Ice Cream Truck
MartyParty - Bully

MartyParty. Now there’s a man who never stops. He’s one of the producers who heralded my arrival into the EDM community. To this day, he remains a perennial favorite, and a consistent heavy hitter. He produces for the passion, and his fans keep coming back because he’s a fine musician. The man’s been hard at work since my LessThan3 coverage of Deathstar’s Ultraviolet Halo EP; he’s created forty tracks since then, and the majority remain unreleased. Now, Marty’s Sub ON EP is here to bring the noise, and all five tracks are pretty much guaranteed to knock your socks off.

Sub ON seems to be an album chockful of fun ideas. From Pacman to the long awaited Ice Cream Truck, these tunes will be unsuspected dance floor assassins in this year’s dubstep and glitch hop scenes. Bully came as a bit of a sonic surprise to me, but proves a very nice addition to the overall package. This is bass music at its finest, my friends. Pop on Ice Cream Truck, and come and get your treat!

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