Sep 09, 2011
Sunshine at Night
Nocturnal Sunshine - Can't Hide the Way I Feel (Original Mix) [Lick My Deck]
Backwords - Not Your Teddy Bear (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix) [Elastica]
Maya Jane Coles - No Sympathy (Original Mix) [Elite]

Not too long ago I posted about underground phenom Maya Jane Coles. Since then, I’ve been really digging the productions she releases under her alterego Nocturnal Sunshine. Although her music under her alias stems from the same vein of her own stuff, the genre is different: dubstep. Deep, bass-heavy UK dubstep. It’s clean and sophisticated, just like her house productions, but throws in a dash of grime to the mix.

Nocturnal Sunshine’s remix of Can’t Hide the Way I Feel is a super-chill track to relax to at the end of the day if you’re a dub head. It’s melodic, deep, and progressive–all elements of good UK grime. The same is true of her remix of Not Your Teddy Bear. The track is so deep that it’s almost hypnotizing. The superb use of reverb and delay are what make the track. However, her most recent remix of Cocoon (see video below) is by far my favorite! To me, it’s one of those remixes that is so perfect, that it should have been an original. Finally, I’m adding one of Maya’s original tracks, No Sympathy, for all the techno lovers out there. Enjoy.

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