Dec 30, 2012
Sunny Lax Delivers Again
Sunny Lax - Maono (Original Mix) [Songbird]
Sunny Lax - Miele (Original Mix) [Songbird]

Since storming onto the scene in 2006, Hungarian producer Sunny Lax has been at the forefront of what trance is all about, delivering tracks that have clearly had time, effort and emotion put into the creative process. His latest offering comes in the shape of the Maono EP, and trance fans will be pleased to hear it features the melodic sound he’s best known for.

The title track features laidback rhythms, relaxing chord stabs and soothing vocal samples, initially giving it a progressive feel. Yet the breakdown, with its excited arpeggios and filter sweeps, turns it into a solid uplifter. While the title track would stand out on its own, the EP ramps up even further with Miele, a high-energy track with a classic build, complete with piano hits, a solid lead synth line and driving bass which is sure to raise the roof at trance events across the world.

The Maono EP is out now on Songbird and certifies Sunny Lax as a producer who continues to fly the flag for trance music, proving beyond doubt that the genre can move with the times while still offering up everything that made it big in the first place.

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