Aug 01, 2012
Summer Is For dirtybirds
Genghis Clan - Aaaaah Sheeet! (Original Mix) [dirtybird]
Waifs & Strays - Lost In The Party (Original Mix) [dirtybird]
Munnibrotherz - 3 Degrees (Original Mix) [dirtybird]

The incredible releases don’t stop coming from the dirtybird camp. Following Justin Martin’s critically-acclaimed Ghettos & Gardens album is this summer sampler of chilled out grooves and outdoor jams. The variety of sounds here means that there’s something for everyone, from the deepest electro-funk basslines to those eclectic sound effects and rough grooves that make their nests in San Francisco. Get your bikinis and festival garb ready–summer’s about to get much hotter.

Bristol up-and-comers Waifs & Strays make the lushest appearance on the Summer EP with Lost In The Party. Super low down and bouncy, this sweat-on-the-walls track is made for the sweltering weather. But not even Waifs & Strays can get as low as the Munnibrotherz on their sophomore dirtybird release, 3 Degrees. Sparkles mix with a sultry saxophone solo in the breakdown only to lead into a vicious amalgamation of 808 toms and bass kicks. Heavier and heavier we go with Aaaaah Sheet!, as Genghis Clan chops up Lil Jon over a crunchy techno beast meant to push sound systems to the limit. Nick Olivetti’s Jump Up rounds out the release; another driving tech bomb, delightfully simple yet equally punishing. Higher and higher these dirtybirds fly, lending a fitting soundtrack to the summer sun.

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