May 22, 2011
Summarized in Sound
Essåy - Distance & Lights
Essåy - Love & Air

Music is evolution in progress. Artists are constantly changing their sound (especially in EDM), striving for that next level feel, or jumping genres entirely. New collaborations and projects hang right around every corner. Now, producer Essáy has undertaken a new endeavor in sound.

Essáy’s, sound is describable only as experimental. Sometimes reminiscent of Nosaj Thing, sometimes incomparable to anything I’ve heard. Essåy’s sound is a blend of musical mastery deriving its sound from genres spanning the entire EDM spectrum. His new two-song EP Distance & Lights blends elements from drum’n’bass, tech house, and even more eclectic backgrounds to create a dumbfoundingly hypnotic euphony of auditory pleasure.

Listening to Distance & Lights, I have to say, both tracks are wonderfully done–you have to wish that there were more to the EP, as it will only leave you wanting more. Distance & Lights and Love & Air are consistently ambient, melodic, and smooth–definitely songs meant to be listened to as a pair. I look forward to seeing where Essáy is going; for now, check out where he’s gone.

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