Nov 04, 2013
Surrender To Subglo’s Heady ‘Sirens’ EP
Subglo - Boomba (Original Mix)
Subglo - AWN (Original Mix)
Subglo - Windermere

Thanks to pure happenstance and music discovery in the Internet age, I was able to find Subglo, a Philly-NYC production duo with a pension for experimenting with bass music, hiding in the murky depths of SoundCloud. They released an EP called Sirens last month–-a potent ride into a variety of genres with subtle, pulsating details injected into each bar. With a unique and seeming boundless palette of sounds, Sirens emotes an endearing brand of heady dance music, chock-full of low-grade YouTube vocal rips, swirling modular synths, and glitchy samples.

Sirens was almost never released, according to onedependent (Ryan Schwabe) who, along with and b4ken (Jon Baken), make up Subglo.

“This EP is actually 18 months old, and we almost never released it,” Schwabe said. “We have five other songs already complete that we think are much better… I couldn’t stomach burying two EPs before settling on a sound we wanted to commit to, so we just released [Sirens] for fun.”

If Sirens is any indication of where Subglo is heading, we’re in for an amazing trip. You can check out their video for Dwell Hard below, and pick up the EP here.

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