Oct 01, 2013
Sub Focus Offers Zero Bull With ‘Torus’
Sub Focus - Torus (Original Mix) [Ram]
Sub Focus - Safe In Sound (Original Mix) [Ram]
Sub Focus - Close feat. MNEK (Original Mix) [Ram]
Sub Focus - Turn Back Time (Original Mix) [Ram]

As soon as you sit down to listen, whether at a desk, in a car, wherever, Sub Focus straps you into the cockpit of Torus and plots course for an epic journey through bass and impeccable production across a half-dozen genres.

We achieve ignition and blast off to the nearby moombahton nebula with Torus, the lead-off and title track. The shuffling, abrasive synths and overall luminous production make for a sexy and strong piece of future moombah led by an endearing chant from a strangely familiar voice. From there, Safe In Sound sees our bass-ship circling a Saturn-like planet with gorgeous vocal rings and a gradual build as our orbit descends, entering a volatile drum & bass atmosphere.

But then, our craft takes a sharp turn and careens into Endorphins featuring Alex Claire, a progressive house asteroid field beset on all sides by a steady flow of deep kick drum debris as we hold on for “some kind of miracle.”

Luckily, our escape comes from Out The Blue in the form of a high-energy, vocal drum & bass cruise into empty space with passionate lyrics floating through classic Sub Focus euphoria propelled by a driving beat. We coast into Twilight, a halfway intermission, if you will, during which we flow through space on a star-studded, mellow D&B journey by our own momentum.

Our skipper, Nick Douwma, comes in across the intercom, “This is your captain, Sub Focus, speaking, uhhh… we’ve just flown through about four different genres already on our trip, uhhh… I plan to hit many more before we’re done here and, uhhh… we’ll get you folks back to Earth safely; enjoy the ride.”

And so it goes, from the garage galaxy of Close to the deep space vibes in Turn Back Time.

In addition to all the new wonders of outer (s)bass we’ve been shown in this 17-track album, there are a few we’ve experienced already, like Tidal Wave, one of the best D&B tunes of 2012, and Falling Down, a dubstep release from way back in 2011, among others.

Until The End ends out a spectacular expedition through the spacious mind of one of the most versatile and raw-talented producers of our time. Pick up Torus here, out now on Ram.

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