Mar 07, 2011
Stylust Quadro-Mash
Bassnectar vs Shaun Boothe - Poor Boy (Stylust Beats Mashup)
Mattafix - Big City Life (Stylust Beats Remix)

Alright, time for a mashup of epic proportions. We’ve got Queen, Metallica, Bassnectar, and Shaun Boothe. Mhm–that covers classic and hard rock, dubstep, and rap. How in the hell could anybody combine so much music and still make it sound good? I’ll be honest with you–I have no idea how this turned out as well as it did, but damn. Just…damn. Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to Stylust Beats. It’s time to get diiiiiiiiirty.

Poor Boy is really impressive all around, weaving in and out of genres and songs with finesse. I’ve been waiting to hear rap over dubstep done right and this is absolute nailage. In fact, it’s so spot-on that I need to see this track decimate a dancefloor. All you DJs or fans out there, consider this a mission to capture a video of this in action. Email it to and win yourself a free t-shirt. Bam!

The second track on here is also sweet–a fresh remix of a great vocal track with some drumstep appropriately mixed in. Stylust makes excellent use of the 70/140 BPM magic with genres criss-crossing effortlessly. It’s definitely going to be a crowd pleaser with its mainstream appeal. Really amazing stuff from this guy who only has about 1,300 fans on his Facebook page. Do your part and pump that number up! Stylust Beats is working on his US tour, shooting for May to unleash tracks like this one to all us musically innocent bystanders. Let’s all hope we get a chance to check him out live.

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