Jul 10, 2014
Style Of Eye’s ‘Love Looks’ A Bit Furry

Style of Eye and Lars Allertz released the perfect thematic companion to their forthcoming collaboration Love Looks in the official video featuring a peek under the mask of the furry fandom world.

Director Chris Grieder’s video expresses an understanding of the track’s concept by taking a long listen to members of a culture known for physical anonymity and the ability to decide upon one’s own image. Furries young and old share their stories and love for the furry world against the track’s uplifting message for an enjoyable four minutes that shouldn’t have trouble making you smile at least once today.

Love Looks releases July 22 on Ultra followed by Style of Eye’s Sophomore album Footprints Oct. 7 on Sony. Watch the video below, and get more SoE with Galantis, his collaborative effort with Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow.

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