Oct 14, 2013
Stuffed And Satisfied After Feasting On ‘Calamari Tuesday’
Feed Me - Fiasco (Original Mix) [Soto Voce]
Feed Me - No Grip (Original Mix) [Sotto Voce]
Feed Me - Onstuh (Original Mix) [Sotto Voce]

Feed Me served up his 15-course meal of bass today, satiating fans’ hunger for the little green goblin and his deliciously pungent debut album, Calamari Tuesday.

Orion is a straightforward opener, allowing Jon Gooch to set the tone for production value in a minimalist, electro house medium. Death By Robot came out on his previous EP by the same name in January, offering epic vocals and a defiant, War Of The Worlds theme.

Lonely Mountain sparkles with blindingly-fast arpeggios and thumps along sparkling before dropping into a dubstep pattern and continuing the guitar-esqe synth work. Gorgeous.

Ebb & Flow, a dubstep tune featuring vocal work from Tasha Baxter, has also been in circulation for some time, however feels right at home in the album’s cleanup spot.

Rat Trap follows up, bringing with it Feed Me’s signature production flair to the trap world with which we’ve been turning up since its premiere a few months back. Dazed sees Gooch dial it back a bit and bring out his house vibes and warm piano chord leads.

Ophelia is an interesting number, one that begins in dubstep territory and eventually makes its way into a more dutch-influenced electro sound all with the haunting voice of Yadi leading the way. In The Bin sees Gooch continue his tour of bass music with a glitchy hip hop track with an abrasive drop, and Chinchilla is classic Feed Me electro house packed with enough 8-bit synth and epic builds to soundtrack a rave in Hyrule.

Fiasco picks up from Chinchilla’s momentum and continues to bring fans everything they’re been waiting for in this quite talented little green bastard’s debut LP. Sweeping leads and more over-the-top piano work combined with a thumping, growling rhythm make Fiasco one of the most raw-powerful tracks on the album.

The Crystal Fighters collabo, Love Is All I Got, lightens up the mood a bit before we head into the final lap of laborious bass production. Short Skirt is a shimmering, super fun nu disco-type jam, which leads us to No Grip, possibly my favorite track on the album and one very sexy piece of futuristic moombahton.

Up next is another strongly produced and endlessly energetic slice of electro house titled Onstuh and the vocally-driven final track, Last Requests. Overall, it’s a fantastic first showing from an artist with whom we’re so familiar already, that such an impressive album has trouble surprising us. Well done, Feed Me. Stream the album here, and pick up your own copy while you’re at it.

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