Dec 19, 2011
Stuck In My Head
- On My Mind (Goldie Remix) [4AD]
- On My Mind (Rustie Remix) [4AD]
Joker - On My Mind (Original Mix) [4AD]
Joker - On My Mind (Goldie Remix) [4AD]
Joker - On My Mind (Rustie Remix) [4AD]

Coming off of the excitement of Joker’s recent BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, I thought I’d bring you some of that wonderful purple bass music that we here at LessThan3 love. One of my favorite parts of his Essential Mix comes on about an hour into the mix, when three different versions of the Joker track On My Mind drop, and I’ve got all three of ‘em here for ya.

On My Mind isn’t just the name of the tune; it’s also where that tune’s been residing since I first heard it. Here, Joker puts out a track with exceptionally layered bass sounds and catchy vocals that sound great in every incarnation I’ve seen so far. On the recent release, you’ll not only find a funky Goldie remix, but also a killer mix by up-and-comer Rustie. Alone, the tunes are boss. Mixed, they’re killer.

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