Aug 20, 2014
Stream Rustie’s ‘Green Language’ In A Minecraft Scavenger Hunt

Glasgow’s god-like beatsmith Rustie revealed his forthcoming Green Language LP today in a digital journey through a block universe to collect all 13 track streams.

For those who have never navigated a Minecraft-type environment before, just look with the cursor, move with the arrows (or W/A/S/D), and jump with spacebar (this is important, as without jumping, you’ll have a comparatively short listening session).

Among the block-made boreal forest, you’ll find yellow pylons that each trigger a new track playing when approached. The tracks won’t come at you in order unless you manage to hit all the yellow pylons, and they can be easy to miss, but we had the most success traveling in a straight line and keeping an eye out for anything yellow. Around track five, however, things get a bit too complicated for this approach as our initially simple and peaceful stroll through the woods changes direction entirely and the digital journey to discover Green Language unfolds.

Rustie is not the first to reveal an album via a video game, to which anyone around when Recess dropped will attest, but the requirement of actually finding the tracks and not simply waiting on a timer to expire offers a sense of adventure and achievement (especially for those with enough free time to sit around and find all 13 tracks). Rustie gets extra points for theming the various passages of the game after their respective hidden songs, making the album reveal an interesting, multi-sensory experience that requires the listener not only to participate, but to think (wait until that God-forsaken maze shows up). Props to Hunter Loftis for developing.

Enter the world of Green Language here; just be ready with, like, nothing to do for the rest of the day. Use the tracklist below as a progress guide, and pre-order Green Language here before it drops Aug. 26 via Warp.

Rustie green language

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