Sep 04, 2014
Stream & Download deadmau5′ Techno Set From Amnesia Ibiza

deadmau5 surprised everyone (OK, maybe not everyone) with a dark, stripped-down, two-hour techno set at Amnesia Ibiza for Cream’s 20th anniversary celebration Aug. 28. It’s available to stream now, and it has no radio-friendly singles and no sing-song choruses–just pure, unadulterated techno.

In typical mau5 fashion, Joel took to Twitter to talk about his music selection (The foam bit is a sly shot at Paris Hilton’s Foam & Diamonds residency at the club):

While a small contingent of Paris Hilton-loving, bottle service-ordering fans and promoters might have been unimpressed, we can thank the music gods that deadmau5 doesn’t care what they (or you, for that matter) think.

Grab the free download here.

BONUS HUMOR: What if deadmau5′ tweets were motivational posters?