Sep 09, 2010
Stop Duckin' Around!
Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Original Mix)
Duck Sauce - aNYway (Original Mix)

What do you get when you combine a 15-year DJ veteran with a prodigy who was the first to win all three major DJ competition titles? You get…Duck Sauce? Yes ladies and gentlemen, you heard me right, Duck Sauce. But don’t let the name fool you, this duo is no joke. Armand Van Helden and A-Trak have been tearing up decks all over the world for the past year with tracks like aNYway and their newest oddly named single, Barbra Streisand. So you might be asking yourself…why Duck Sauce? What meaning does that name carry besides being a tasty Chinese food condiment? Well, I wish I could tell you. But I do know one thing, their sound sure is as original as their name is. You see, Duck Sauce aims to put the knock into your parents’ disco albums. Utilizing a bank of disco samples coupled with hard bass and electro-synth, Duck Sauce takes disco to a whole ‘nother level.

In a video interview on their MySpace, A-Trak explains that he and Van Helden wanted to create big-room bangers with this project, not your average hair salon disco. Well, it looks like they’ve accomplished what they set out to do, because everyone from David Guetta to Afrojack has been giving their productions support. But really, how can you go wrong with two house masters at the helm?

Take for instance my favorite single, aNYway. This song is the perfect combination of old-school funk with new-school house. Duck Sauce masterfully uses some great samples from I Can Do It by Final Edition, and it sounds absolutely fantastic with everything else going on in the track. The steady bass, playful claps, and funky guitar just about make you want to put on your skates and hit the roller disco. Barbra Streisand is also great (and no, I’m not talking about the singer…although she’s cool too if that’s your thing). It’s a happy-go-lucky track that reminds me of when my parents used to play Saturday night disco on the radio…minus Barbra Streisand. Seriously, the “ooo” samples and great progression of light electro-synth make this one a hit anywhere you choose to play it, and that’s exactly what Duck Sauce aimed to do; they wanted to put out disco house tracks that DJs would want to play in clubs. So far, they’ve been getting great reception. They’re set to release a lot more stuff in the near future, so be sure to keep your platform shoes on deck.

For now, check out their EP, Greatest Hits. I’m about ready to do two things – go to a disco and get some bomb Chinese food. But don’t worry, I’ll leave you with some saucy tracks. Enjoy!

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