Mar 13, 2014
Stoners React To ‘EDM’s 7 Stoniest Stoners Who Get Stoned’

Man, you’d think this sh*t was the DJ Mag Top 100. Although it IS just as arbitrary and subjective, take a toke, and bear with us… we had to get really high for this one…

Wanna know how to get stoners focused and paying complete attention? Recognize their stoner prowess, of course. Truth be told, this post wasn’t intended to gauge the amount of marijuana consumed, rather share sky-high tweets from the most comical space-cases in the scene. But then again, who’s got time for intros these days? These trees aren’t going to smoke themselves.

At any rate, here’re the hands-down best reactions from fans and artists alike to EDM’s 7 Stoniest Stoners Who Get Stoned, including some late additions and the crowning of “his highness,” the new reigning champ at the #1 spot.

Loudpvck Gets Loud

Alright guys, we get it. Y’all smoke a ton of weed… our bad.

But in all fairness…

But there’s no question guys have earned a seat in EDM’s cannabis congress with your chronic chron smoking. IDK, maybe we forgot… stoner move. Sorry, boys.

But let’s be honest here… your creativity generally surfaces more in your music than your Twitter feed.

So there you have it–Loudpvck rightfully earns a late spot in our non-hierarchy of getting high. Which brings us to our next cry of outrage…

PL outrage

Pretty Lights

pretty lights pot

Another absolutely notorious fog machine. There’s no way someone could bar Pretty Lights from a list of the top stoners in EDM. How could we possibly overlook the man? Well, we were probably high.

Meanwhile, Paper Diamond Smokes More Weed.

paper diamond request

But the most amazing reaction by far goes to our man GRiZ for pulling the ultimate stoner move of all time, and it goes a little something like this:

GRiZ Reads Article (Probably High)

griz new number 1 stoner

…Doesn’t Realize List Not Ranked, Makes Backdrop For Boulder Show To Celebrate Victory…

… Immediately Pulls Ahead To #1.

griz saxophone

This reaction stands out high above the rest–way, way high–earning its perpetrator the #1 slot in our hearts and rotations. In what could be the most epic stoner move in history, GRiZ established that there’s nobody out there quite on his level.

Anyway, so… yeah let’s just… ya know? I mean… what were we talking about? Derek, close us out.

Josh Bennett contributed to this article.

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