Jun 30, 2012
Stoneface & Terminal's Summer Jam
Stoneface & Terminal - Here Comes The Sun (Club Mix) [Euphonic]

What on earth, exactly, is a “summer anthem”? It’s a term that gets thrown all over promotional releases at this time of the year—and I’ve already used it in a review before—but to me, it’s always meant any summertime track that manages to be uplifting and bright in a way that evokes outdoor parties, laughter, and way too much sun, as opposed to dimly-lit clubs. When Euphonic veterans Stoneface & Terminal came out with a song called Here Comes The Sun, the first thing I thought of after the inevitable Beatles reference was summer.

Going into a track with fixed expectations is a problem–the intro doesn’t convey the brightness I had in mind. It’s a solid build of energy, but a somber, serious-sounding one. However, the rest of the track more than delivers on the promise of summer. Dotted with heavily synthesized vocals that hearken back to earlier Stoneface & Terminal track Don’t Give a F*ck, the burst of energy provided by the break and the following build is more suited to beach parties than dark concert venues or arenas. The lead synths of Here Comes The Sun dance above the melodies with a lightness that’s less common in today’s bass-heavy and grounded “trance 2.0” tracks, but is perfect for the season.

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