Jul 28, 2011
Stone Age Future
Phutureprimitive - Kinetik
Phutureprimitive - Predatory Instincts
Phutureprimitive - High Rez

You gotta love it when good music just sneaks up on you. Sometimes it’s a recommendation from a friend, and sometimes a stray YouTube link finds its way to your 5.1 speaker system and blows your head off. My discovery of Phutureprimitive was a lot like the latter. More to the point, Phutureprimitive’s recent release Kinetik contains sounds that range from ambitrance to dubstep–the genre-bending stylings of his music break more ground than British Petroleum. I can’t really compare Phutureprimitive to any other artists I know; he’s like a medley juxtaposing the organic wholesomeness that you’d find in a Bluetech track with the energy of a hard electro/dubstep DJ. In other words, he’s really, really cool to listen to.

Off of Kinetik, be sure to check out the title track, which will invariably make you do a lot of moving yourself, and Predatory Instincts, which is a slightly angrier pump-up track. Listen to them, and unleash your inner caveman. If you like what you hear there, check out High Rez to top off the fun with some chill vocals on a hot beat, and spread the word to your friends; this guy deserves some hype.

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