Nov 18, 2012
Stimming & His Orchestra
Stimming - November Morning (Original Mix) [2DIY4]
Stimming - November Morning (Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Version) [2DIY4]

Martin Stimming proves that electronic music can be the modern-day equivalent of Classical with the stunning release of November Morning. While we have seen classical conversions into dance music (Adagio for Strings by Tiesto comes to mind), it is relatively rare to see the trend reversed.

Soon after releasing the original of November Morning on his last Dynamic EP, the experimental German producer was approached by a stranger who told him he wished to transform the digital piece into Classical. Stimming fell in love with the idea, stating, “this is one of my most emotional tracks, and thus it has to be played by an orchestra. Not by a sampler but from real people!” Together they enlisted the 64-person Brandenburg State Orchestra from Frankfurt to recreate this emotional piece.

This is a completely analog affair; you won’t find the addition of any digital tricks here. The cello envelops the soulful melody throughout, while the plucking of a variety of strings coincide. Intermittent horns followed by a tambourine and a cymbal ride augment the composition’s pure, wrought feeling. As it builds up, the instruments layer together consummating into melancholic harmony. Oddly enough for a dance conversion there is sparse use of percussion, though the deep sound of the kettle drum occasionally presents itself.

Lucky for us, there is a short documentary showcasing the creation of this masterpiece that coalesces centuries of musical production (see below). I can only imagine the emotion that overswept Stimming seeing his baby showcased in such an organic way. You can pick up the original remix from Beatport here–the Brandenburg State Orchestra version is due out on the 26th of this month. For more Stimming, go to his SoundCloud.

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